Designed for K-12 educators and administrators.

  • Concrete strategies that you can implement instantly

  • Budget friendly, building level or districtwide

  • Satisfies mandated SEL training requirements

Pricing Options

We have three options to fit the purchasing needs of individuals, buildings staff and district-wide professional learning.

  • Individual Subscription

    Subscription includes: email login, course completion documentation for clock hour verification

  • Building Subscription

    Subscription includes: email login for each staff member, individual course completion documentation for individual clock hour verification

  • District Subscription

    District subscription includes: 10% discount when all buildings subscribe, all that is included in the building subscription

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Greg Benner

Dr. Benner delivers proven, trauma-sensitive, social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies and tools ready for classrooms, buildings or district-wide. In six practical, flexible training modules, you’ll develop a toolkit based on the latest research that will allow you to elevate student learning while decreasing stress levels and potential burnout among staff.